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Hmm. I've decided to post this new bit of info because I'll be able… 
10th-Nov-2005 08:56 pm
Yzak - Rar
Hmm. I've decided to post this new bit of info because I'll be able to keep track of the comments and discussion from it. So I don't think it comes off as surprising to ask to please not turn any discussion of this into a flame-war and keep any discussion mature. Our fandom has enough of it. Thanksya. ♥

- How was the Shinn character created?

Fukuda : Morosawa seems to want to make him a pure youngster. Kira seemed to be an ordinary youngster at first, but he was actually not ordinary at all. Athrun is a soldier, and the son to PLANT's leader. So I want to copy the realistic aspects of today's youngsters if possible.

- Shinn seems to have realized that he's wrong during the final confrontation against Athrun, have you ever thought of the possibility that he may go to Kira's side?

Fukuda : I have absolutely no such intention right from the start, because I always want to create a story where in the end Shinn loses everything except Lunamaria. I hope people don't misunderstand it, I don't think Shinn is incorrect (unjust? wrong?) at all. What Shinn and Dullindal have done are all for the good of the world, on the other hand Kira's side is the one which has somewhat deviated from the path of justice.

- But isn't that (Dullindal's world) a world unable to evolve according to Kira?

Fukuda : yes, I think Dulldinal is pessimistic (holds no hope?) for mankind. Just like what Kira and Lacus said, the world is full of wars and conflicts, no one can give a clear answer to what the future will be like. Mankind can never stop wars and conflicts, the nature of war cannot be changed. So the basic structure of the world needs to be changed to erase wars from the human world. For Dullindal that's the path of salvation for mankind. He does not want to control the world out of his own desires, so he's not evil in this sense. Even if someone opposes him and says that kind of world will be unable to evolve, he can still counter that if we just leave mankind alone wars will never disappear.

- Lastly, last month Morosawa said the love between Athrun and Cagalli is a misunderstanding, which leads to great reactions. What's the Director's take on this?

Fukuda : My take is the same as Morosawa's. If Cagalli chooses between her country and her lover, she will definitely choose her country, and Athrun has not reached to a position high enough to protect both Cagalli and her country. So based on their current positions, their relationship can't hold up.

- So the feelings between them up to now is not love?

Fukuda : Instead of love, it's more like the feelings between war comrades. Although they blushed while kissing, that's because of shyness and confusion, not mature feeling of love.

EDIT: Here's another interview that I thought was interesting as well, that I don't think was posted here yet, so. ;D

* When you guys name characters and MS units, is there any rules?
Basically, Morosawa is responsible for character names. I am responsible for the battle ships and other naming rules. Mobile Suit armaments and weapons are determined by this naming rule. ZAFT weapons uses Latin and Italian. EA uses English and German. Eurasia uses French. That's the basic guideline, with a few modifications.

*How big in PLANT in DESTINY?
In SEED, the population and area of one PLANT is roughly about the same as Suginami district in Tokyo. One hourglass colony is one PLANT = one Suginami. In Heisei 14 year, Suginami is around population 500,000. There's about one hundred of these. So DESTINY should be pretty close to this.

*How come ZAFT doesn't have military ranks?
ZAFT only became an official army after battle broke out with EA. Before, it's kinda like a national militia of PLANT civilians, so there was no rank. ZAFT is modeled after the Israeli army during the Middle East wars. Technically there is ranks, but when fighting against the arabic nations, so as to protect the size of their troops, they were named after the commanders' names.

This is perhaps the wisedom of a small country, so we borrowed this idea. That's why there's Kleuze team, Jule team, but you don't really know how big they are, or what's their rank.

*What's condition red?
This is ZAFT's equivalent of "Daiichi sentou haibi" on Archangel. There's Red, Orange, Yellow, Green. Normally, it would be green, then entering combat in Red.

*When and where was Messiah built?
In this world, there's many asteroids remnants which have been depleted of their rare metals. If you equip them with the necessary equipments and armaments, then you can get tons of these. It's much easier to build these than to build a battleship from scratch.

*Where does Lacus get her Mobile Suits?
There's 'factory' in the asteroid belt where Eternal was hiding. Even until now there's the Clyne faction in ZAFT, so they formed Terminal together with Lacus. These guys' factory in space is the "Factory"

*Where does Meer's red Haro come from?
When Lacus escaped from her place in SEED, she only brought Pink-chan. The rest of them she left in her house. The Red Haro is probably a replica of them. Lacus and Haro's combination is very well known to the general public, so it's important for the fake Lacus to have a fake Haro.

*Is the surface of Akatsuki gold foil?
It's a special anti-beam coating that appears gold. It's not gold foil. It's name is "[whatever it is..I forgot]", it's like a mirror and can reflect beam weapons. Because it is too costly, so they only made one of this.

*Rey is clone of who?
He's Mwu's dad's clone. Genetically, Kleuze is exactly the same as Rey, but the cells were decryogenized at different times. If he grows up in the same environment, Rey technically would become like Kleuze.

*Did Mwu lose his memories due to shock of battle, or were they erased artificially?
I'm not sure about Mwu's memories, but the memories of Neo Lornnoke would not exist if they weren't inserted artificially. In a sense, Mwu's memories were erased.

*Where does Archangel resupply?
In the harbor controlled by supporting organizations like Terminal, we just don't show them.

*Where does "Angel Springs" aboard the Archangel gets its springs?
From Orb. That country has volcanoes, so of course there's hot springs.

*Was Cagalli's wedding with Jona valid?
No, because she was taken away before she said the oath.

*Why did Athrun give a ruby ring to Cagalli?
Cagalli was born in may, so her birth jewel should be the Emerald...
hmm, I have no idea.

*Why was Dullindal of Kira and Lacus's reunion?
With Lacus as the leader, and Kira as the fighting power, this is a very dangerous combination both in power and influence. If this sort of combination becomes his enemies, then it would be troublesome.
However, if it's not Kira but Athrun, then that would have been easy. Athrun is still searching for his purpose, so all Dullindal needed to do was say nice things to persuade him, and he'd work for Dullindal. Same for Shinn.

*What's a Coordinator?
In these few years, designer babies are highly controversia. You can choose what hair and eye color your children has through genetic engineering.
Take this one step further, then you have 100% healthy children rid of all genetic diseases, with extra intelligence and bodily performance, like faster running, higher recognition of images, or very good and math. People with these sorts of adjustments before they were born, are Coordinators.

*Is there a basis for SEED mode?
You can really put this in numbers. Basically, it's kinda like when you're caught in a huge fire and driven to limits, you exert crazy power. Both Naturals and Coordinators can go SEED - it's something all humans have. But older people don't go SEED in the series, so it seems like it's connected to the future of the younger generation.

*Coordinators cannot have children with people other than the ones that have been chosen for them?
It's not 100% impossible, but it's really hard to go against this. This is something we see in SEED, in that birth rates are lower because of problems with manipulating people's genes. So marriage is controlled based on genetic compatibility. Talia didn't leave Dullindal out of her own choice, but it was a regulation. In other words, there's no freedom of love in this society. But there's some people who firmly believed that Coordinators will overcome the problem of low birth rate, like Patrick Zala. Dullindal was a genetic engineering scientist working under him.

*What is the Destiny Plan?
By checking the person's genes, we can determine what sort of job the person is fit for, and everything else about this person. There'd be no conflicts and displeasure if all employment was based on results of genetic analysis. The Destiny Plan is a plan to achieve this form of society. Dullindal really would've liked people to accept this Plan out of their own choice, rather than strictly enforce it. Dullindal probably was planning for it since SEED.

*What happens to the PLANT council after Dullindal has died?
Back during SEED, a new chairman was elected after a complete reorganization of the council, so perhaps this time it will be rebuilt in a similar fashion. Some say Yzak will be the new chairman. That guy looks like the kind of guy for this job, and his current position is pretty high.
11th-Nov-2005 02:17 am (UTC)

That's quite an interesting interview. The bit about Kira's side being the 'unjust' one caught my interest the most.

I guess if AsuCaga doesn't exist in Fukudas world at least it will live in fandom~
11th-Nov-2005 02:24 am (UTC)
That one caught me, too. Only because I never agreed that the Clyne Faction/Terminal were really good guys. I see them on the same level as ZAFT and EA. A differing opinion on things and a third branch in the battles and the fighting. I wouldn't agree that they're UNJUST, but I don't see them as better or worse than any of the other 'sides'. XD

And, yep. But that last question was what worried me about flame wars and people getting out of hand. x_x;
11th-Nov-2005 02:24 am (UTC)
I really like the insights (so to speak) on Shinn and his angle here. I'm glad to see that he was never intended to "join the 'good' guys" because- as Fukuda noted, in a sense- Gilbert and Shinn's justice and world they wanted to create was done in good intention. It's only due to the matter that Kira and Lacus note that their idea falters. That was one thing I really liked in Destiny. True, in Gundam fashion, it is common to have a "blurred line" between who is good and who is bad during war. But in Destiny, you had to weigh the good/bad of freedom from wars vs. personal freedom. Which, is a good question- what length is humanity willing to go for complete peace?

Anyways, thanks for posting up the translated interview. I always find it interesting to see what the directors/etc have to say about the shows they work on ^^
11th-Nov-2005 02:28 am (UTC)
Yeah. Especially since people still insist that Shinn is "omg evil" just because he's in ZAFT/following Gilbert.

Just because an outcome of something is bad, doesn't mean that the intention is right. But I'm sort of glad Shinn wasn't going to go over with Terminal because too many characters are there already. And personally I like more conflict with characters people love, rather than putting everybody popular on one side and then send in backgroundless characters to fill up the other two so nobody cares about them.

But yeah, the interview with one of the.. designers I think was interesting too. Because it mentioned things about why Talia and Gilbert can't be together and why real "love" is something that nobody in PLANT can have too often because of the laws. D: Which made me sad and want to consider some angst fic. XD It also mentioned things about everyone of the younger generation possessing SEED mode and some other interesting things. 8D
11th-Nov-2005 02:39 am (UTC)
Hold on to that "Why doesn't ZAFT have military ranks" for the next time Amestris harasses ZAFT at CFUD. XD
11th-Nov-2005 02:42 am (UTC)
We technically have ranks!! I AM THE COMMANDER MAN. >8(
11th-Nov-2005 02:51 am (UTC)
:o Very interesting.

Now I can only wonder what would happen if Yzak became chairman... Oo
11th-Nov-2005 02:59 am (UTC)
It means Dearka will be his right hand man and the universe will explode and reform into a giant gay bar.
11th-Nov-2005 02:57 am (UTC)
....>D Yzak? Chairman? Interesting. ♥
11th-Nov-2005 03:22 am (UTC)
Thanks for posting up the interview! Although, I nearly died out of shock when I learned that AsuCaga wasn't "forreal". *sigh*
11th-Nov-2005 03:34 am (UTC)
Wow...the part about Athrun and Cagalli makes me sad =( I won't believe it!!
11th-Nov-2005 04:19 am (UTC)
Ohhh ... thanks for posting these! :D :D

It makes me smile that Fukada wanted Shinn to have nothing but Lunamaria, when a good part of the fandom expected her to die. :)

I also like that he seems to be thinking of a new Chairman ... would love to see Yzak there. He's just more independent than the other characters and is able to come to solid conclusions in hectic times. It's not a quality seen in Kira/Athrun/Lacus, really, though I'll admit Lacus has a clearer head than the former two.

Have to wonder why they made Rey Al's clone and not Raww's; it made more sense to me before. :) But I guess his telomeres would be far more messed up than Raww's had he been cloned from him so ... I think I might be babbling now. :)

I'm totally alone here, but I never did like Athrun and Cagalli as a couple. Not that I liked A/Meyrin or A/Meer or even A/Lacus more, but that I never saw them as being in a particularly strong relationship. So I'm not too surprised that they're saying their love was more ... in the moment.

Finally an answer to the Talia/Gil question! Now, we just need to find out if Raww and/or Rey were Coordinators and, if not, how they managed to find themselves as members of ZAFT. It's a little more confusing now that the whole ZAFT/rank thing has been explained, I think; at the time the military was formed, they'd likely be hesitant to allow non-Coordinators into their ranks, but maybe the unnatural nature of Raww's existence allowed for an exception?
11th-Nov-2005 04:24 am (UTC)
Yeah, their reasoning for wanting her to die was a bit meh, too. But hey.

And yeah. Yzak didn't need FAITH or anything else to get him where he was, but relied on his own power and loyalty. 8D

And for that, dilettantka said in another magazine, it says Rey is a clone of Klueze, so that's sort of conflicting information.
11th-Nov-2005 05:14 am (UTC)
If Yzak takes over ZAFT, i'll cream myself. Thanks for that awesome article!!!
11th-Nov-2005 05:56 am (UTC)
Fukuda: Morosawa seems to want to make him a pure youngster. So I want to copy the realistic aspects of today's youngsters if possible.

I have absolutely no such intention
(of Shinn going over to Kira's side) right from the start, because I always want to create a story where in the end Shinn loses everything except Lunamaria. I hope people don't misunderstand it, I don't think Shinn is incorrect (unjust? wrong?) at all. What Shinn and Dullindal have done are all for the good of the world, on the other hand Kira's side is the one which has somewhat deviated from the path of justice.

Unfortunately for the "misunderstanding" part, he's a bit too late. Fukuda's chosen the worst of times for this "lose everything..." theme.

Also; with every tenth post, gif, jpeg, or flash featuring Kira being invincible and Shinn getting PWNed; it leaves a sour taste in the mouth of people who expected something else.

But yeah. After reading this post, I can understand what Fukuda's trying to show to the masses; how you can't stop wars, how you just can't leave things alone for too long, and what happens when you try to do people favors you weren't even suppose to do.

But if I was responsible for him keeping his job as a director, he would've been fired a long time ago.
11th-Nov-2005 10:02 am (UTC)
Oh, well. I'm in the AsuCaga fandom, but I'm not devastated about how things turned out for them. Cagalli choosing her country before her love life is one of the things that I find nice about her. And the war-comrades things is good and valid anyway. And it's not like AsuCaga WASN'T going downhill in GSD, what with Athrun being this bastard who apparently hadn't learned from experience.

And I loved Shinn's character. One of the things I appreciated in GSD was that things were realistic in such a way that the "good guys" don't always win. If Shinn had gone over to Kira's side, I would've just been disgusted at the stereotypical route he'd fallen into. 50 episodes that end with something like this is just.... x____x So, yes, love to Shinn. =P

Sankyuu so much for posting this. It helps, and glad to see Talia's "regulations" thing being clarified, among other things.<3

The.... springs thing just kinda weirded me out, though. XD
11th-Nov-2005 10:17 am (UTC)
Likewise. When she's not with Athrun, she's "abandoning him". But when she's not in Orb, she's a "crybaby and they killed her character", so it's hard to see what the fandom really EXPECTS from her (not counting the ones who want every character run off get married and live happily ever after). I mean, I believe still that they can be in love, but from a "Cagalli is busy with Orb" thing, where they don't need to be together so much but have those feeling still there. People seem to think if she's not spending every waking moment with Athrun, then their relationship is "omg doomed!".

I loved Shinn, too. And.. I am so happy at your stereotypical route comment, because I have been a strong believer of that for so long. x_x People thought Shinn would be better if he joined the alleged "good side", but it would have made the series a lot more boring, because there weren't many other people for Archangel's side to FIGHT except for Shinn and Rey, since pretty much all the cast is already there. 9.9;

But yeah. I liked reading these, and the second one I posted was an older one so I was surprised nobody had posted it here yet. :O

Lol, I don't get how that works. Archangel isn't like a moving volcano so do they go to Orb every couple of days to refill? XD
11th-Nov-2005 10:35 am (UTC)
I am... overwhelmed...

"Kira's side is the one which has somewhat deviated from the path of justice"

"Athrun has not reached to a position high enough to protect both Cagalli and her country."
11th-Nov-2005 01:43 pm (UTC)
After having spent some time in a Tzahal (Israel Defense Forces) seminar a while ago, that explains why the ZAFT ranking system actually made sense to me.
11th-Nov-2005 05:07 pm (UTC)
Best interview ever. I love this Fukuda guy & wife (honestly). Thanks for posting!
11th-Nov-2005 05:42 pm (UTC)
Thanks for posting this; the first interview seems pretty consistent with the interview to Morosawa-san (and with what I saw in GSD, at least ^^;).

PS - You might want to note that the second one is not an interview to Fukuda-san himself but "20 questions" with another member of the staff (AFAIK his name is Morita Shige - sorry of this has been pointed out before ^^;).
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