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Gundam Seed Fanatics!
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-- to gundamseed, a community dedicated for the discussion of the Gundam SEED/Destiny franchise. Whether you waited in anticipation for the newest episode to air in Japan, or are catching it on Cartoon Network, every fan is welcome to join in and get fandom-interactive!


Yeah, yeah, nobody likes rules, and the mods don't want to have to have them, but to keep the ever-growing community in order, we need some to be followed so all stays well.

  • Friends-lock any posts related to downloads of licensed media, this includes things like fansubbed episodes. Please read this post in regard to such.

  • LJ-cut major spoilers. Keep in mind that people new to the series might not be as caught up as you. We're a little more lenient on this rule as Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny have both been over for a time now, but for any new story arcs or specials, please use it. If you're not sure how to make an LJ-cut, learn how here.

  • When posting fanworks (fic, art, etc), please label the content of what you are posting in the case of it being yaoi, yuri or het. Please also label a rating of your work (PG, PG-13, NC-17, etc), and cut any images; this is common courtesy to fellow fans. This community is open to every aspect of fandom, so don't be afraid to post something here.

    If you are posting a series of works based on a set of themes, please minimize the number of related posts; ideally, submit one post at the start or end of the series.

  • Please do not bash pairings, characters, or other fans. There is a line between debate-type discussion and downright flaming, and while we encourage the former, we do not appreciate when the latter rears its head into things. Please consider commenting to posts that contain these sort of debates, and be aware that going in with a strong opinion caters to possible strong replies.

  • Advertisements for roleplays or other communities are welcome here, but please keep in mind to keep these posts Gundam SEED related, if you're looking for SEED characters in a new game, then that's fine!

    We do ask that you put these under LJ-cuts, however. You can preface a cut with an image 250px or less and a short description of the game (one paragraph or less) before elaborating under the cut. Please do not use tables when posting something not under an LJ-cut as well, to be courteous to the members of the community who have it on their friendslist.

    Finally, you can re-post advertisements once every 3 months.

  • Insulting other community members will not be tolerated. If you feel as if you're being attacked in a thread, please contact one of the moderators, and we'll be more than happy to try and help. The moderators have the right to ban any member that gets out of hand, and delete any posts that are out of line.

    Major plot spoilers for currently running things or direct insulting of another community member will be deleted right away. Minor spoilers, bashing and download posts that aren't locked will be commented to with the suggestion to edit, lock or delete the post. If the post isn't edited/locked/deleted within a specified amount of time, it will be deleted, as moderators cannot edit other people's posts.


Please do not post just to request things. Posting about unlicensed material is okay, but most fans should have relatively easy access to licensed CDs, DVDs and manga. Support the show!

Please check the main page of the community, and one or two pages back before posting new news, or asking a question. The content of your post may have been already addressed, so please take that extra minute or two to check so we can save the community some clutter.

You do not need to make an introductory post.


- stormwaltzing [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: stormwaltzing
US Eastern time zone

This community was created by dilettantka on January 15th, 2003

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